Validating Bank Account Details

Posted on Tuesday, 6th Oct '20

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

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It can be annoying to run a large payrun – perhaps even fully-automated – and then have a failure when it comes to paying everyone due to bank details being entered incorrectly.

So we’ve just introduced a feature that should reduce the chances of this happening.

Whenever you are entering bank details for an employee we’ll check that they appear to be valid.

As well as checking the expected length of account numbers and sort codes we also perform what’s referred to as a ‘modulus check’ to give a high degree of certainty that the account number is valid for the given sort code.

You get a nice visual indication to let you know the status of the checks – it updates automatically as you type.

Many of you are loading data either via the API or CSV files so don’t get the benefit of the user interface. We’ve got you covered.

Edit the bank details for the employer record and you’ll see a check box to “Reject Invalid Bank Details”.

If this is enabled then the system will simply refuse to save an employee record unless the bank details are either blank or pass validation.

Duane Jackson, October 6th, 2020

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