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Posted on Tuesday, 31st Aug '21

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A number of different documents are supplied by governmental bodies which form part of the payroll process. In some instances they are used to update an employee’s record and can then be filed away.

To help, this weekend we added the ability to attach documents to Employee records to support with your record keeping and make it easier to refer to them should any queries arise.

When you now create any of the following records you have the ability to attach supporting documentation:

  • Employee Attachment of Earnings Orders – attach the orders to help you keep track
  • Employee Leave – attach documents like the MAT B1 form to maternity leave records
  • Employee Notes – add other documents which will help you run the payroll process for the Employee
Example of the Supporting Document dialogue

Use the Choose File button to select and upload a saved document to the Employee’s record in Staffology for future reference.

Example of the Supporting Document dialogue with document attached

Delete any attached documents when you no longer need them by clicking on the red cross.

Share Your Ideas

If you have any ideas for enhancements like the one above please let us know directly via the Staffology Ideas Portal

Please pay a visit, create new ideas and vote on ideas others have raised. We will give you feedback and let you know how they are incorporated into our roadmap. 

Dylan Martinez, August 31st, 2021

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