Multiple Employee Actions

Posted on Friday, 12th Jun '20 by

Hot on the heels of yesterdays product enhancements, we have a few more for you today.

All are centered around employee management.

Bulk Delete

You can now delete multiple employees at once. Handy if you messed up importing employees.

On the main employees list you’ll see there are now checkboxes down the side of the page. Check the box for any employees you want to delete

A drop-down list will appear at the bottom of the page and one of the options is to delete the selected employeees.

Bulk Leavers

The other option in the drop down list is to mark the selected employees as leavers.

Click update and all selected records will be instantly updated with the provided leaving date. And if you’ve selected the option and the employee has an email address on their record then the P45 will be emailed.

Employee Tags

And finally for today….

We introduced tags last year.

Today we’ve extended the functionality so that you can also apply tags to employee records., June 12th, 2020

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