Tracking P45s

Posted on Wednesday, 16th Sep '20

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

We already automatically generate P45s for employees that have left, and we make it easy for you to send them via email.

What we hadn’t done – until today – is give you the ability to simply tick a box to say whether or not an employee has been issued their P45. 

So now on the part of the employee record where you mark them as a leaver you can also tick a box to say their P45 has been issued.
We’ll also automatically tick this box if you email the P45 from within the software.

Finally, we’ve updated the P45 Report page so that you can easily choose to view either a list of all employees, or only employees that haven’t yet been issued their P45.

It’s really a relatively small addition. But for the customer that asked for it, it’s going to save a lot of time.

Is there anything similar we can do to save you time?

Duane Jackson, September 16th, 2020

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