Auto Emails After Payruns

Posted on Thursday, 15th Aug '19

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

We’ve just released a big update to the automation side of things. The options for auto emails after payruns have expanded.

You previously had the ability to automatically send a Payment Summary to any email address after the Payrun had been finalised.

We then got a bunch of requests for more options on these emails.

So we’ve taken those requests and added a very flexible system to cater for as many requirements as possible.

Introducing Auto Emails

You can set up as many emails as you like, and use either one of the existing (and editable) templates, or create your own subject and body for the email.

There are a wide range of reports that you can attach – select as many or as few as you like.

If you choose to attach payslips you get two additional options.

  • You can either have us attach the payslips as a single PDF, or as a separate PDF for each payslip.
  • We can include all payslips, or just those that haven’t been emailed to employees already.

Add as you’d expect for GDPR compliance, you can also set a password for the PDFs

Combine these powerful auto emails with our other Payroll Automation features and you’re going to have to find a new hobby to fill up all that spare time!

Duane Jackson, August 15th, 2019

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