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Posted on Monday, 27th Jul '20

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

As well as the more noteworthy additions such as the recent addition of overtime codes and the new CJRS report, we are also constantly adding or tweaking other smaller bits and pieces.

These often don’t merit an announcement on their own, but we like to occasionally list them here in case any are of use to you, so here goes…

Employer Pension Contributions

Employers can now choose to increase their contributions by a percentage of what their employees are contributing. For example if you have a Salary Sacrifice pension then you could contribute your employer NI saving to your employees pension by setting this to 13.8%.

NHS and Teachers’ Pensions

We’re now actively working on NHS and Teachers’ Pensions.

We’re not comfortable yet saying you can use them for live payrolls, but if this is your thing then please do take them for a spin and let us have any feedback.

Apply Global Pay Increase

Want to give everyone a increase in their pay by a set percentage? Now you can.

P11D(b) to CSV

Once you’ve created a P11D(b) under the RTI tab, you can download the details to a CSV file

Exclude Pay Code from AHP

Our Accrued Holiday Pay feature has proven very popular.

We recently added an option so you can set a pay code to not contribute to accrued holiday pay.

BACS Reference Field

Not every employer is going to want the same format for the description field of their BACS payments. So we’ve made the default editable. Just edit your Employer details and go to the Bank Account tab to set it however you like.

Import Payments with no hourly rate

If you use the feature to import payments from a CSV file, you can now do so without providing the hourly rate.

As long as the pay code you choose is an hourly code and has a default value entered in the system then we’ll use that as the rate.

Compensate for Excel CSV Issues

If you use our Employee CSV import then no doubt you’ve come across the issue where Excel will try and be helpful by stripping out leading zeros on phone numbers, sort codes, account numbers, etc. We now try and automatically fix this issue for you. For example if you try and import a 7 digit account number we’ll add the leading 0.

Is there something we can change or add in the software to make managing your payroll easier? If so, please do let us know.

Duane Jackson, July 27th, 2020

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