Anna Stephens

Salary Sacrifice Pension Schemes for Employees receiving SMP

6th Jul '22

If an employee is on a salary sacrifice scheme and receives SMP, they do not have any pension deducted.The employer’s deduction covers the amount you usually take from the employee. So before SMP started, the employee’s pension deduction was 5%, with an employer’s deduction of 3%. Therefore, whilst on SMP, the whole 8% would be […]

by Anna Stephens

Year-end Process

31st Mar '22

Many of you have already closed your tax year 2021/2022 and have moved into the tax year for 2022/2023. If you are still to do this, here’s a preview of what to expect. Once all your pay runs are complete, Start Monthly* Pay Run on the Payroll tab changes to Start Year End Process. * This will display your relevant […]

by Anna Stephens

Staffology API Mailing List

30th Mar '22

We have created a mailing list specifically to keep API users up to date on any changes that may impact them. If you would like us to keep you up to date with changes that may affect systems you have configured with the API, then please provide your details via the following link: API Mailing […]

by Anna Stephens

Pay Codes & Importing from CSV

17th Mar '22

Hi, As we end the 2021/2022 tax year and begin the next one, here is some information on additional features recently added to the software. Pay Codes To Pay Under Settings > Pay Codes, when creating or editing a deduction, our recent release introduces a new To Pay field that enables you to set who to pay whenever […]

by Anna Stephens

Year-end Processing & Legislation Updates

4th Mar '22

The software is up to date with all the latest legislative changes for the 2022/2023 tax year, and you can now begin your year-end processing.   The legislative changes include: The introduction of the new Freeports Upper Secondary Threshold (FUST) and Veteran Upper Secondary Threshold (VUST)   Increased National Minimum/Living Wage Rates  The Health and Social […]

by Anna Stephens

Payslip Customisation & Updates

3rd Mar '22

Here’s an update on some changes we have recently made to Staffology Payroll. We continue to update the software with the legislative changes for the 2022/2023 tax year. The final stages of testing are being worked through in readiness for release. Payslip Customisation We have added the following two new options to Settings > Payslip […]

by Anna Stephens

Introducing Payees

9th Feb '22

Here we are, fast approaching Tax Year-end for Payroll!  Can you believe it, another Tax Year is nearly over? We are busy working on the legislative changes for you, and these will be published in due course. The latest Staffology release includes a new time-saving feature, detailed below. Payees Under Settings, there is now a […]

by Anna Stephens

CSV Templates, Student Loans, AEOs and DPS updates.

17th Jan '22

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year and welcoming you into 2022 with What’s New for Staffology. Here is an update on some of the recent changes we introduced at the end of last year.  CSV Templates In Payroll, you now have the option to export blank CSV templates for completion – Download CSV – basic (only […]

by Anna Stephens

P11 (Detailed) Report and update to Sign-up Form and Hourly Rate calculation

30th Sep '21

The latest update to Staffology includes the following new features, detailed below. P11 (Detailed) Report We have added a Detailed P11 Report to the Reports section. This new report displays payments and deductions you make to employees throughout the tax year and is a useful tool for reconciliation purposes or investigating any issues. To print/download […]

by Anna Stephens

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