Reckon One

UK Payroll Integration

Our payroll software integrates with Reckon One.
Read on to discover how to connect the two apps together and automate payroll journals.

Getting started

Create a Staffology account, it’s free to use until you want to submit a real FPS to HMRC.

Before you can connect to Reckon One you need to have created an employer in Staffology.

Once you’ve created an employer, click on the employer name in the main menu and go to Settings -> Connected Services.

Change to the “Accounting” tab and click the logo for Reckon One.

You’ll be asked to allow us to access your account. Once you’ve confirmed access for us you’ll be returned to Staffology.

Mapping Nominal Codes

We need to know which nominal code in Reckon One should be used for each Pay Code in Staffology.

Click the employer name in the main menu and choose Settings -> Pay Codes. Then click the button at the top of the page.

Now click the Load codes from Reckon One button.

The codes from your Reckon One account are now listed in the drop-down lists.
Map each Pay Code in Staffology to the relevant nominal code in Reckon One.

Once you’ve finished mapping codes you need to click the “Update Mappings” button at the bottom of the page to save your selection.

Posting Journals

As soon as you finalise a payrun, we’ll connect to your Reckon One account and create a journal entry.

You can verify that the journal has been posted by going to Reports -> Payruns -> Journal Entry.

There is also a link directly to the journal in Reckon One.

Start Automating

Payroll journals are now taken care of, but there are more time-saving feature to explore.

If you use “Auto Pilot” then it’s possible to not have to touch payroll for a whole year.

Learn more about Payroll Automation