Integrated HR and Payroll Software

Reduce processing disparities and give yourself more time with Staffology’s integrated HR and payroll software. We make people and payroll simple.  

How to integrate payroll with our HR software

Staffology’s cloud-based software isn’t limited to integration with Staffology products. We can integrate with any third-party software with API/Webhook capabilities, providing you with greater flexibility to enhance your HR and payroll processes.

Key compatibility

Staffology software is designed to be integrated; whether with HR and payroll software, accounting journals, or timekeeping systems. By integrating systems, you reduce the likelihood of error and the amount of manual processing time spent maintaining employee records.

Save time and bring together the heart and science of a happy business with Staffology’s integrated HR and payroll software solutions.

Staffology Payroll software

Staffology Payroll is a pain-free payroll platform, that makes running payroll simple and saves you time. A simple option that allows you seamless, automated and real-time data transfer via API, and works harmoniously in both systems.


IRIS Payroll software

IRIS Payroll is a sophisticated desktop payroll solution that can handle everything from the simplest payroll process to the most complex, with excellent compliance and reporting options. You can link IRIS Payroll software with Staffology HR through the use of structured data, making transfers easy.


Other third-party payroll software

Third-party payroll lets you transfer payroll-related information to any platform, including Staffology HR, using a simple CSV file exchange.

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Managed Payroll

Worried about running payroll but want it to integrate with Staffology HR? We can do that for you. Managed payroll lets you outsource your payroll to us, a BACS-approved payroll bureau run by our expert team of experienced CIPP-accredited payroll managers.

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Why integrate your HR and payroll software?

By integrating your HR and payroll software, you not only reduce your manual data entry processing time, but you protect sensitive data better and synchronise employee data, no matter where it’s stored.
You also:

  • Reduce the likelihood of errors
  • Enable remote working for HR and payroll staff
  • Unify payroll and HR resources to provide a wealth of data and expertise
  • Achieve better employee experience and engagement

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Why choose Staffology for integrated HR and payroll software?

Staffology is built to be integrated – our two software solutions are available as standalone products, or they can easily be integrated with each other.

While it’s two software solutions, there’s one team, and one shared vision, so as we develop one side, the other has the same work applied.

Discover how a fully integrated HR and payroll platform can benefit you

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