Payroll Integration

Integrating HR and Payroll systems means that you can be sure that your data is correct in both places, on time, all of the time.

There are multiple payroll integration options available, making it easy to ensure that all of your employee details are in sync, no matter where the changes are made.

Below are details of some specific payroll options that integrate well with Staffology HR, but it is likely to integrate with whatever payroll option you choose.

Staffology Payroll

A simple option that allows you seamless, automated and real-time data transfer via API, and works harmoniously in both systems.

Improved connectivity helps your organisation manage your people and process their payroll readily. Clever systems mean that when you move data from HR to payroll it avoids duplication and human error, while you have the option of accessing payslips through either Staffology HR or Staffology Payroll.

Find out more about STAFFOLOGY PAYROLL

Managed Payroll

Managed Payroll lets you outsource your payroll to us, while you focus on running your business.

Our system is a BACS-approved payroll bureau, using the very latest in HR technological advances. Run by our expert team of experienced CIPP-accredited payroll managers, the system is fully scalable and can address the needs of everything from small micro-businesses to large corporations.


IRIS Payroll

A desktop-based payroll software solution ensures that payroll runs are smooth and accurate, every time.

Structured data sharing makes for a smooth data transfer process.

IRIS Payroll is a sophisticated desktop payroll solution that can handle everything from the simplest payroll process to the most complex, with excellent compliance and reporting options.


Third Party Payroll

Third party payroll lets you transfer payroll-related information to any payroll platform using a simple CSV file exchange.

We’ll also accept imports of payroll data from your existing payroll product, too, so this can be a two-way integration.

Find out if your existing payroll solution will work with Staffology HR.

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