Real Time Information Reporting

Real Time Information (RTI) is designed to make PAYE submissions to HMRC more efficient – you need to submit information to HMRC in real time, every time you make a payment.

HMRC Recognised for RTI Filing | Vendor ID 7798

Full Payment Submissions

We automatically create an FPS every time you pay one or more employees. You can easily review and submit it to HMRC. We then give you the response from HMRC and help you correct any errors they might return.

Employer Payment Summaries

You can easily create an EPS at anytime via our intuitive interface. Whether you’re declaring a period of inactivity or flagging your final submission, you’ll find it easy to create, submit and view HMRCs response.

NiNo Verifications

You can easily create and submit NI Number Verification Requests and submit them to HMRC. Whether for one or many employees, we’ll automatically populate the relevant data fields for you to view before submitting the request to HMRC.

Expenses & Benefits

Easily submit P11Ds and P11B(B) along with any necessary adjustments.

CIS Verifications

Verify your CIS Subcontractors in a single click. It really couldn’t be easier.

CIS 300

Submit your monthly CIS returns to inform HMRC of payments and deductions.

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