Payroll Automation

Eliminate the cost and time associated with routine tasks.
All automation features are included as standard with no extra cost.

Not everyone has the development resources to take advantage of our Payroll API. Nor do they have the budget to pay for expensive RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions to automate their desktop payroll software.

With our software you can take advantage of payroll automation without any development work and for as little as £0.05p per additional payslip. Here we’ll take you through some of the features that let you “set and forget” payroll.


Auto Pilot

Many payrolls are ‘static’. They rarely if ever change. It’s the same people paid the same gross amount, week in, week out. Once you’ve done the initial set up you can enable our Auto Pilot feature. This will automatically finalise the payrun, email out the payslip PDFs to each employee, file the FPS with HMRC and start the next payrun.

Unless you manually intervene to turn off auto pilot then the same will happen again with the new payrun – all the way until the end of the tax year. You can of course still manually make changes – add employees, change payment amounts, etc – if you need to.

Payment Summary

It’s often the case that although you’re responsible for running payroll, you’re not the one responsible for making the resulting payments. You can enable a setting that will email whichever address you provide with a Payments Summary file after a payrun is finalised.

As well as net payments to employees and their bank details, the file also includes any payments that need to be made to HMRC and Pension Providers. Need to password protect the file for GDPR compliance? Not a problem, the software can do that too.

Payslip Distribution

Ideally you’d enter an email address for each employee and use our feature to have the payslip emailed to them automatically. But this isn’t always possible or even desirable.

So the Payslip Distribution setting allows you to automatically email all payslips (that haven’t already been sent direct to an employee) to a specified address.

You can choose to have individual attachments for each payslip or all payslips on a single PDF. Whatever is easiest for you.

Even more email magic:

As well as payslips and a payment summary, you can now also automatically send many more reports. Read about this update here.

Automatic Distribution of Funds

Once your payroll is finalised you’ll have payments to make. You could download a BACS file and upload it to your bank. Or you could automate this too.

We integrate with a number of payment providers so that you can automatically send funds to:

  • Employees
  • Pension Providers
  • HMRC

What about mid-year changes to tax codes and loan deductions? Well, we’ve got that covered too.

View the User Guide page for Payroll Automation.

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