Powerful Payroll API

A Comprehensive REST API for UK Payroll

The API is at the heart of our payroll software. The app itself uses the API, so there’s nothing you can do in the app that you can’t do programmatically via the API

Plug-In Payroll

Let your data flow effortlessly when you connect the Staffology API to your HR, accounting, payment, or time and attendance software. In a few simple clicks, you can seamlessly sync Staffology payroll features (including PAYE, pension, and more) to other applications. Our payroll software integrations, include:

  • Sage
  • Xero
  • Nest
  • …and many more

Personalise Your Payroll

By design, our payroll can transform to fully represent your brand. This can be as simple as white labelling software or using our payroll API to integrate with the products that matter most to your business.

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Enhance Productivity

Is your payroll constrained by a lack of costly resources and budget? Through the simple to set up integrations, users can automate features and run payroll at scale. You might, for example, use our payroll API to streamline your accounting processes.

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Fully Documented

Easy to navigate and fully documented user guides mean that you can access direct help or view walk-throughs of completing different tasks in the API. You can even view the different API calls available. If you get stuck or need extra help, we can guide you through the process.

RTI Compliance

We’ve been recognised by HMRC for RTI (Real Time Information) filing. Make your PAYE submissions more efficient by sending your information in real time to HMRC every time you complete a payment. FPS submissions automatically create when you pay an employee. You can then review it or submit it to HMRC. You can view and correct any responses from HMRC afterwards.

FAQs about the Staffology API

Why do I need an API?

An API is needed because it enables seamless and smooth integration with other software and third-party applications, including accounting or payment platforms. This means that your different applications can ‘talk’ to or connect with one another.

How does my business benefit from an API?

There’s a reason that our API is at the heart of our payroll software. With a payroll API, your business can feel empowered to do much more than only streamlining its efficiencies.

You stand to benefit from:

· Better user experience, as APIs can integrate and configure with numerous other platforms, payroll can also plug into other essential services.

· Integration – as much or as little as you would like with our API. · Innovation – access easy API user guides, so you can build the likes of pay schedules that benefit your workforce without the high costs.

Tell me more about API automation…

When it comes to building payroll for your business, you can automate most tasks, including the repetitive ones, through the API to help your workflow.

Does all payroll software have an API available?

Some payroll solutions may not have an API available, but the Staffology API is configurable with several other platforms, including accounting, HR software and pensions. Therefore, you can effortlessly integrate with other platforms to streamline your payment, pension and HR processes.

What happens if my existing payroll software does not have an API?

If your payroll uses a PAPDIS (Pension and Payroll Data Interface Standard) file to submit employee information, please get in touch, and our experts will help investigate for you.

Expect More from Payroll

Overcome manual processes and slowdowns by getting even more out of your payroll. 

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