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Every UK employer must provide the option for employees to join a pension scheme and contribute towards it. Auto enrolment and pension provision has been a legal requirement for all employers since the Pensions Act of 2008 which came fully into force in 2012. Staffology’s payroll software makes managing pension enrolment, re-enrolment, and HMRC pension submissions simple

Auto enrolment doesn’t have to be difficult or scary, as long as you have the right tools.

That’s where Staffology Payroll software comes in.

We automatically asses each employee for every pay run, you can also assess an employee whenever you like with a click of a button. We’ll tell you instantly whether the legislation classifies them as an Eligible Jobholder, Non-eligible Jobholder or an Entitled Worker.

As soon as an employee’s status changes, we’ll update your payrun, ensuring you remain compliant every time.

With Staffology you can:

  • Automatically link with selected pension providers
  • Get automatic assessments of eligibility status for each employee
  • Easily manage pension opt-in and opt-out
  • Generate files and letters automatically, ready to be sent


Manage enrolment responsibility with ease

With the click of a button, you can enrol, exempt, and postpone any pension scheme by employee. Rather than needing to send off your requests to a payroll provider (which could take seven working days), you can instantly make any changes with letters sent that moment. This approach will boost employee morale, make pension administration easier, and free up your time to focus on other things

Connect using PAPDIS with any eligible provider

PAPDIS (Payroll and Pension Data Interface Standard) is an open standard that allows for transfers of data between pension providers and payroll software.

Staffology is PAPDIS-ready, making it easy to integrate with any eligible pension provider, giving you more flexibility, more control and more choice.

Pension letters ready at the click of a button

One of the most time-consuming parts of pension management and auto-enrolment is the requirement to communicate any changes with employees.

We have templates ready for any scenario, with auto-populated fields based on the latest information. They’re editable, so you can make them match your tone of voice as well. Our letters save you time and administration fees and provide greater transparency to employees.

Why use Staffology as your auto-enrolment payroll software?

With competitive pricing, intelligent automation, and an intuitive interface, our payroll software makes pension management and auto-enrolment easy.

We’re a UK-based company that only provides UK payroll and HR solutions, so all our development goes into making our software as up to date as possible with the latest changes and regulations.

And, with our API capabilities, you can link to your pension provider if you’ve got a developer to hand. Staffology is yours to integrate as you please.

Pension schemes that link with Staffology payroll software

At Staffology, we have automatic links set up with:

  • Nest
  • Smart Pension Employer
  • Smart Pension Adviser
  • The People’s Pension

But you can also manually add a pension provider such as:

  • Scottish Widows
  • PensionBee
  • Hargreaves Lansdown
  • Money Farm
  • Wealthify

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