Staffology Customer Reviews

Our customers say such nice things about our software, from functionality to our modern API. Here are a few of the customer reviews that we’ve had over the years

I have processed a payroll as a dummy to compare to Sage…no comparison, Staffology is AMAZING! LOVE IT!

Been using Sage for 20 years so I know my way around a payroll and I can’t believe how great yours is. Blown away!

Sarah Carter –

Staffology is a great piece of cloud-based payroll software. It has enabled me to free up a lot of time through its innovative use of automation that I have not seen in other products. Not only can I set payrolls to run automatically, Staffology will also send out the reports and payslips for me without any intervention.

The constant stream of development that goes into it also provides new benefits such as the links to accountancy and HR software

Kevin Waller –

Wow! Thanks for that!

Usually – and with any payroll software I’ve ever used in the past- it takes weeks to get a response to a simple question!

But two hours later and I’ve not only got a response but a new report to boot!


David Keighley –

I wholeheartedly recommend Staffology cloud-based payroll as it has reduced our repetitive payroll processing time by a third.

Prior to using Staffology our payroll processing took 3 weeks and required 3 staff members on average. With the use of Staffology, we have one staff member working intermittently on payroll over 3 days.

Jamil Raja –

As a care home, employing over 100 staff with a complex structure of shifts, departments and roles we were dreading the payroll processing every other week.

We have not even imagined we would be able to move from the software we were using to try another, considering the translation of current processes and their alignment of pay codes to the complexity of our payroll.

Upon being pitched by AIRPA to use Staffology as a complete cloud-based payroll alternative, we had to take a leap of faith, trusting the team and software competencies. Seeing the results, we have not looked back since.

Would highly recommend Staffology cloud based payroll to even those who fear the change most.

Suzy Kelly –

Give your employees something to smile about

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