Multiple Employee Actions

12th Jun '20

Hot on the heels of yesterdays product enhancements, we have a few more for you today. All are centered around employee management. Bulk Delete You can now delete multiple employees at once. Handy if you messed up importing employees. On the main employees list you’ll see there are now checkboxes down the side of the page. Check […]


October Tweaks

4th Nov '19

We’ve made a number of small-ish tweaks in the past month, we’ve listed some of them here. Transfer OwnershipYou can now transfer the ownership of an employer to another user. Re-send Payslip EmailsYou can now re-send the payslips emails for a payrun. So if you want to you can choose to finalise the payrun without sending the […]


Defaults for New Employers

3rd Oct '19

A new feature we’ve just added will make life a lot easier for those of you that are managing multiple employers. You can now configure the system so that when you create a new employer it copies settings from an already existing employer. On either the employer index page or the page where you create […]


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