Represents a User Account.
As well as basic details about the user it also includes details of Employers that the user account can access.

Name / Description Type / Format Example
emailAddress string "string"
If the user has requested to change their email address then the address it'll be changed to after verification will be shown here.
string "string"
firstName string "string"
lastName string "string"
userIdentifier string "string"
photo string "string"
role string "Admin" "Editor" "Reviewer"
jobType string "BusinessOwner" "PayrollManager" "Accountant" "Developer" "SoftwareVendor" "Other"
emailVerified boolean true
gdprOptin boolean true
inviteCode string "string"
registrationIp string "string"
registrationDate string date-time "2020-01-28T01:21:49"
isActivated boolean true
authorization UserAuthorization {UserAuthorization}
The Tenant that the user belongs to. This model provides branding and configuration settings provided by the White Label partner.
Tenant {Tenant}
If true then the user is required to set up a direct debit mandate
boolean true
If true then any employers the owner managed will not be able to run new payruns.
DisabledReason will give a reason why the account is disabled
boolean true
disabledReason string "string"
directDebitMandate DirectDebitMandate {DirectDebitMandate}
Stores information about the Users display preferences
UserDisplayPreferences {UserDisplayPreferences}
Whether or not the user can see bills. This will be false if the Tenant manages billing and the user is not an admin for the Tenant
boolean true
accountingCustomerId string "string"
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
  "emailAddress": "string",
  "pendingEmailAddress": "string",
  "firstName": "string",
  "lastName": "string",
  "userIdentifier": "string",
  "photo": "string",
  "role": "Admin",
  "jobType": "BusinessOwner",
  "emailVerified": true,
  "gdprOptin": true,
  "inviteCode": "string",
  "registrationIp": "string",
  "registrationDate": "2020-01-28T01:21:49",
  "isActivated": true,
  "authorization": {
    "employers": [
        "isOwner": true,
        "role": "Admin",
        "id": "string",
        "name": "string",
        "metadata": {},
        "url": "string"
    "tenants": [
        "id": "string",
        "name": "string",
        "metadata": {},
        "url": "string"
  "tenant": {
    "brandCode": "string",
    "appName": "string",
    "homeUrl": "string",
    "headContent": "string",
    "logOutUrl": "string",
    "homeImgUrl": "string",
    "favIcon": "string",
    "cssColorsFile": "string",
    "cssFile": "string",
    "mailingList": true,
    "mailSettings": {
      "senderName": "string",
      "senderEmail": "string",
      "senderEmailVerified": true,
      "customiseSmtpSettings": true,
      "smtpSettings": {
        "smtpServer": "string",
        "smtpPort": 0,
        "useSsl": true,
        "smtpUsername": "string",
        "smtpPassword": "string"
      "customiseHtmlEmailSettings": true,
      "htmlEmailSettings": {
        "bodyCssStyle": "string",
        "fontCssStyle": "string",
        "buttonCssStyle": "string",
        "headerHtml": "string",
        "footerHtml": "string"
      "id": "string"
    "signupUrl": "string",
    "termsUrl": "string",
    "supportEmail": "string",
    "tenantOwnsBilling": true,
    "id": "string"
  "requestDdSetup": true,
  "disabled": true,
  "disabledReason": "string",
  "directDebitMandate": {
    "isCompleted": true,
    "bankName": "string",
    "accountNumberEnding": "string",
    "id": "string"
  "displayPrefs": {
    "startPage": "Dashboard",
    "showZeroes": true,
    "showTaxCodeWhenViewingPayrunEntry": true,
    "allowJournalResubmit": true,
    "hideSalaryOnEmployeeIndexPage": true
  "showBills": true,
  "accountingCustomerId": "string",
  "id": "string"