Determines the settings used when the Employer sends emails.
If CustomiseSmtpSettings is false then SmtpSettings will be null and our default internal settings will be used;

Name / Description Type / Format Example
senderName string "string"
senderEmail string email "string"
The SenderEmail must be verified before you can send email using that address
boolean true
customiseSmtpSettings boolean true
smtpSettings SmtpSettings {SmtpSettings}
customiseHtmlEmailSettings boolean true
htmlEmailSettings HtmlEmailSettings {HtmlEmailSettings}
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
  "senderName": "string",
  "senderEmail": "string",
  "senderEmailVerified": true,
  "customiseSmtpSettings": true,
  "smtpSettings": {
    "smtpServer": "string",
    "smtpPort": 0,
    "useSsl": true,
    "smtpUsername": "string",
    "smtpPassword": "string"
  "customiseHtmlEmailSettings": true,
  "htmlEmailSettings": {
    "bodyCssStyle": "string",
    "fontCssStyle": "string",
    "buttonCssStyle": "string",
    "headerHtml": "string",
    "footerHtml": "string"
  "id": "string"