An array of this model is used to represent a summary of a PayRun.
This would typically be used for creating accounting entries for the PayRun.

Name / Description Type / Format Example
If you've set up NominalCodeMapping then the relevant Nominal code for the PayCode will be shown here.
integer int32 0
If the journal is split by department then the relevant department code is shown here.
string "string"
As above
string "string"
A description of what this line summarises.
string "string"
The total value for this line.
number double 0.0
Each PayLine has a Code. The Code will match the Code property of a PayCode.
The PayCode that is used determines how the amount is treated with regards to tax, NI and pensions
PayCode {PayCode}
  "nominalCode": 0,
  "departmentCode": "string",
  "nominalName": "string",
  "description": "string",
  "value": 0.0,
  "payCode": {
    "title": "string",
    "code": "string",
    "defaultValue": 0.0,
    "isDeduction": true,
    "isNiable": true,
    "isTaxable": true,
    "isPensionable": true,
    "isAttachable": true,
    "isRealTimeClass1aNiable": true,
    "isNotContributingToHolidayPay": true,
    "calculationType": "FixedAmount",
    "multiplierType": "None",
    "isSystemCode": true,
    "isControlCode": true
Consumed by Operations

- none -

Returned by Operations

- none -

Completing a Payrun Get Accounting Entries