Name / Description Type / Format Example
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
personalDetails PersonalDetails {PersonalDetails}
employmentDetails EmploymentDetails {EmploymentDetails}
autoEnrolment AutoEnrolment {AutoEnrolment}
leaveSettings LeaveSettings {LeaveSettings}
bankDetails BankDetails {BankDetails}
payOptions PayOptions {PayOptions}
Indicates whether the Employee is currently employed or not
string "Current" "Former" "Upcoming"
If true then the employee should be enrolled in an Auto Enrolment Qualifying pension but isn't
boolean true
  "id": "string",
  "personalDetails": {
    "address": {
      "line1": "string",
      "line2": "string",
      "line3": "string",
      "line4": "string",
      "line5": "string",
      "postCode": "string",
      "country": "England"
    "maritalStatus": "Single",
    "title": "string",
    "firstName": "string",
    "middleName": "string",
    "lastName": "string",
    "email": "string",
    "emailPayslip": true,
    "passwordProtectPayslip": true,
    "emailStatement": true,
    "photoUrl": "string",
    "telephone": "string",
    "mobile": "string",
    "dateOfBirth": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
    "statePensionAge": 0,
    "gender": "Male",
    "niNumber": "string",
    "passportNumber": "string",
    "partnerDetails": {
      "firstName": "string",
      "initials": "string",
      "lastName": "string",
      "niNumber": "string"
  "employmentDetails": {
    "cisSubContractor": true,
    "payrollCode": "string",
    "isApprentice": true,
    "workingPattern": "string",
    "forcePreviousPayrollCode": "string",
    "starterDetails": {
      "startDate": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
      "starterDeclaration": "A",
      "overseasEmployerDetails": {
        "overseasEmployer": true,
        "overseasSecondmentStatus": "MoreThan183Days",
        "eeaCitizen": true,
        "epm6Scheme": true
    "directorshipDetails": {
      "isDirector": true,
      "startDate": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
      "leaveDate": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
      "niAlternativeMethod": true
    "leaverDetails": {
      "hasLeft": true,
      "leaveDate": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
      "isDeceased": true
    "cis": {
      "type": "SoleTrader",
      "utr": "string",
      "tradingName": "string",
      "companyUtr": "string",
      "companyNumber": "string",
      "vatRegistered": true,
      "vatNumber": "string",
      "vatRate": 0.0,
      "verification": {
        "manuallyEntered": true,
        "matchInsteadOfVerify": true,
        "number": "string",
        "date": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
        "taxStatus": "Gross",
        "verificationRequest": "string",
        "verificationResponse": {
          "employeeUniqueId": "string",
          "emailStatementTo": "string",
          "numberOfPayments": 0,
          "item": {
            "id": "string",
            "name": "string",
            "metadata": {},
            "url": "string"
          "displayName": "string",
          "action": "string",
          "type": "string",
          "name": {
            "ttl": "string",
            "fore": [
            "initials": "string",
            "sur": "string"
          "tradingName": "string",
          "worksRef": "string",
          "unmatchedRate": "string",
          "utr": "string",
          "crn": "string",
          "nino": "string",
          "partnership": {
            "name": "string",
            "utr": "string"
          "address": {
            "line": [
            "postcode": "string",
            "postCode": "string",
            "ukPostcode": "string",
            "country": "string"
          "telephone": "string",
          "totalPaymentsUnrounded": "string",
          "costOfMaterialsUnrounded": "string",
          "umbrellaFee": "string",
          "validationMsg": "string",
          "verificationNumber": "string",
          "totalPayments": "string",
          "costOfMaterials": "string",
          "totalDeducted": "string",
          "matched": "string",
          "taxTreatment": "string"
  "autoEnrolment": {
    "state": "Automatic",
    "stateDate": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
    "ukWorker": "No",
    "daysToDeferAssessment": 0,
    "exempt": true,
    "aeExclusionCode": "NotKnown",
    "lastAssessment": {
      "assessmentDate": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
      "employeeState": "Automatic",
      "age": 0,
      "ukWorker": "No",
      "payPeriod": "Monthly",
      "earningsInPeriod": 0.0,
      "qualifyingEarningsInPeriod": 0.0,
      "aeExclusionCode": "NotKnown",
      "status": "Eligible",
      "reason": "string",
      "action": {
        "action": "NoChange",
        "employeeState": "Automatic",
        "actionCompleted": true,
        "actionCompletedMessage": "string",
        "requiredLetter": "B1",
        "pensionSchemeId": "string",
        "workerGroupId": "string",
        "letterNotYetSent": true
      "employee": {
        "id": "string",
        "name": "string",
        "metadata": {},
        "url": "string"
      "id": "string"
  "leaveSettings": {
    "useDefaultAllowanceResetDate": true,
    "useDefaultAllowance": true,
    "allowanceResetDate": "2019-11-14T11:27:53",
    "allowance": 0.0,
    "adjustment": 0.0,
    "allowanceUsed": 0.0,
    "allowanceRemaining": 0.0,
    "showAllowanceOnPayslip": true
  "bankDetails": {
    "bankName": "string",
    "bankBranch": "string",
    "bankReference": "string",
    "accountName": "string",
    "accountNumber": "string",
    "sortCode": "string",
    "note": "string"
  "payOptions": {
    "period": "Monthly",
    "payAmount": 0.0,
    "basis": "Hourly",
    "nationalMinimumWage": true,
    "payAmountMultiplier": 0.0,
    "autoAdjustForLeave": true,
    "method": "Cash",
    "payCode": "string",
    "withholdTaxRefundIfPayIsZero": true,
    "mileageVehicleType": "Car",
    "mapsMiles": 0,
    "taxAndNi": {
      "niTable": "string",
      "secondaryClass1NotPayable": true,
      "postgradLoan": true,
      "studentLoan": "None",
      "taxCode": "string",
      "week1Month1": true
    "fpsFields": {
      "irregularPaymentPattern": true,
      "nonIndividual": true,
      "hoursNormallyWorked": "LessThan16",
      "flexibleDrawdown": {
        "hasFlexibleDrawdown": true,
        "death": true,
        "pension": true,
        "taxablePayment": 0.0,
        "nonTaxablePayment": 0.0
      "trivialCommutationPayment": {
        "hasTrivialCommutationPayment": true,
        "tcls": 0.0,
        "personalPension": 0.0,
        "occupationalPension": 0.0
    "regularPayLines": [
        "value": 0.0,
        "rate": 0.0,
        "multiplier": 0.0,
        "description": "string",
        "code": "string"
  "status": "Current",
  "aeNotEnroledWarning": true
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