Umbrella Company Payroll Software

Web-based umbrella payroll software with an easy, intuitive interface.
All backed up by a powerful API.

Software for Umbrella Payroll Companies

First launched back in 2019, our comprehensive Payroll API quickly caught the attention of many companies at the forefront of payroll technology.
We were asked to add features specifically designed to make life easier for umbrella companies. From running complex payroll deductions to generating comprehensive statements, our cloud solution can help umbrella companies get ahead.

Why Use Staffology’s Umbrella Company Payroll Software?

Efficient and intuitive, our payroll software for umbrella companies can transform the payment process by helping businesses and their clients automate and streamline pay runs.

Pay your workforce faster and unlock the following benefits from our feature-rich payroll software:

  • Simplify calculations
  • Connect your systems to our API
  • Easier imports with CSV
  • Generate reports
  • Automation features
  • Accounting integrations

Staffology’s Key Features for Umbrella Companies


Umbrella companies have to run complex calculations to figure out how much to pay their employees. As this is often challenging, our calculations feature enables users to set up pay codes, including deductions such as apprenticeship expenses.

Once you’ve configured the software with details such as your time sheet charge, whether to pay holiday pay and make deductions for the Apprenticeship Levy, you’re good to go.

You can quickly and easily go from the gross amount invoiced to the agency to the net amount for the employee, with all deductions detailed and taken care of, including mileage and expenses. With this feature, employers spend less time on confusing calculations. Instead, you can pay employees more efficiently and have an overview of hours worked along with expenses claimed.

There are entries in our User Guide for Umbrella Settings and Umbrella Payments.

CSV Imports

Whether you’re paying hundreds or thousands of employees, you don’t want to be manually entering the invoice and expenses values, as this will slow down the setup and delivery of your payrun.

If you have the tech know-how or a trained developer to support you, you can connect your systems to our API. But, if you need a simplified way around this, you can import information from CSV files.

As well as being able to specify the invoice value and other relevant fields, you can also override the default charge rate using your own formula. Read more in the User Guide.

Generate Reports

Importing data, performing calculations, and paying people is easy to deal with, but it doesn’t stop there.

Our reporting features let you create a report to reconcile and analyse the umbrella company payments you’ve made across any selected period. You can also create statements to show your umbrella clients the breakdown from agency invoice to net payment and everything in between.

Even More Benefits

There are many powerful features that aren’t specifically for umbrella companies, but you still get to take advantage of them when you use our software to run payroll. Whether that’s integrations for accounting or automation features, Staffology have designed umbrella company payroll to be even easier for busy businesses.

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