Manage Minimum Wage

Stay compliant with minimum wage regulations, let us automatically update your hourly rate – checked on every payrun.

Most payroll software leaves the responsibility with you to update an employees minimum wage on their birthday – forget at your peril.

A new tax year brings new rates that you have to apply. Many people are having to spend hours manually checking and updating hourly rates for hundreds of employees.

Make a mistake and not only are you facing fines but you’ll also be facing upset clients and employees.

API User?

As with all of the features in our software, you can set the Minimum Wage option via the Payroll API.

Read the API guide Understanding PayOptions.

This ends now

With Staffology you just tick a box to say the employees’ hourly rate should be the minimum wage. At the start of every payrun we’ll automatically work out the age of the employee and set the hourly rate according to the tax tables for the relevant year. No more checking for birthdays every week.

No more wasting hours every year doing something that should be automatic. No more worrying you’ve missed something.


Give your employees something to smile about

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