Why Choose Staffology?

Payroll with us is simple. Whether you’re looking to switch from an existing software, or are looking to start your payroll journey, Staffology works for you. Here’s how.

Easy to Use Payroll Software for the Modern Business

When it comes to paying your people, there’s many options to choose from, so why choose us?
Staffology is a no-contract, cloud-based payroll system with responsive support. But what does that look like when it comes to payroll for your business?

Happy payroll + happy people = happy business

Staffology is for people who want to futureproof their payroll. If you’re migrating from another platform, then you’ll immediately notice a few major differences.

Access payroll anywhere, at any time

Cloud-based payroll means payroll that you can access from your phone while on the beach, in the mountains or wherever you can get internet access. You can run payroll from the back office, or from front-of-house, whatever works for you.
Other payroll softwares require apps, and desktop software, but ours runs on a website, so all you need is a device, a browser and internet access.

Easy to use, but not basic

Just because Staffology is easy to use, doesn’t mean it’s basic. Staffology has everything you’re used to in any other payroll system but in a format that doesn’t make it confusing.
Have a look at what Sarah from RocketSoftware said when switching to Staffology! “Been using Sage for 20 years so I know my way around a payroll, and I can’t believe how great yours is. Blown away!”

Starting from just £10 a month

Other payroll softwares require minimum contract times. At Staffology, you pay a minimum monthly charge, and then it starts from £2.00 for your sixth payslip.

With an easy-to-understand pricing band structure, and a free trial to get you started, Staffology only gets more affordable as you scale.

We don’t tie you in to a long-term commitment either, so if you’re a seasonal company, you’re not paying full price for months where you don’t need us.

Payroll Automation

By automating manual parts of your payroll, you can save time, creating efficiencies across your business. Payroll, made simple.

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Well Connected

We connect with numerous platforms, from accounting to HR and timekeeping.
And, with our unique API, you can create your own connections.

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Discover other ways we make your payroll simple

Staffology is filled with features that make your payroll easier.

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