What is HR Software?

Whether you’re head of Human Resources or an employee within an organisation, there are multiple benefits to be had from HR software. From recruitment and onboarding features through to holiday management, HR software aids the smooth and easy management of all human resources functions.

What is HR Software?

HR software is an online solution for the management of human resources at an organisation. This may include managing daily administrative tasks such as rotas and timesheets or features that support the larger HR goals of an organisation, such as reporting and personal development plans.

Often a cloud-based service that organisations can access on varying subscription levels, HR software provides flexibility to adapt to an organisation’s individual needs, for example, integrating well with other data management software programs.

Whether an organisation has 50 or 5,000 employees, HR software is designed to provide a solution for human resources departments to manage their employee’s important data, daily administrative tasks, and wider career goals.

Who Uses HR Software

Who Uses HR Software?

From smaller organisations to global corporations, HR management software is used by a wide variety of industries, companies, and people. Designed to be used by both employers and employees alike, HR software provides human resource departments with the necessary tools to manage their staff effectively, whilst also enabling employees to access their information and manage their own time effectively.

What are the Features of HR Software?

From storing vital data to supporting employees through their career progression, HR software improves workplace management through its multiple features.

While HR software may vary between provider, it will often include:

  • Recruitment, onboarding & offboarding management
  • Training & development
  • Rota & timesheet management
  • Holidays, sickness & overtime management
  • Reporting
  • Employee database
  • Self-service tracking
  • Compliance
  • Third-party integration capabilities
  • Personnel tracking
  • Payroll features
  • Benefit administration

What are the Benefits of HR Software?


By streamlining multiple processes at once, HR software affords organisations increased efficiency. The automated processes of HR software means that both HR managers and employees can track their time in live time. This means that without the delay caused by paperwork, workers can update their information efficiently without disturbing their workday.


HR software provides increased accuracy by removing the likelihood of human error. Automation and data management features available through HR software allows for cross-feature analysis and live time organisation, improving the accuracy when compared to more traditional, HR organisation methods.


Using HR software ensures that organisations can stay compliant. All employee records and data are stored safely and are protected by cyber security features available through the software. This ensures that every employee, whether working in the HR department or elsewhere in the business, are storing their data correctly in line with industry regulations.


With the ability to access most HR software programs via desktop browser or a mobile application, HR cloud-based software provides the ultimate ease of use. Flexibility enables both employers and employees to update vital details and manage their time whilst away from their desk, allowing for improved communication across the board.


As a cloud-based software, HR software not only eliminates the need for paperwork, but continually develops its services to support the changing industry around it. With an increased focused in staff wellbeing in recent times, HR software provides functionality whilst recognising the value that autonomy at work can bring to employees.


How Much Does HR Software Cost?

HR software is often provided as a subscription, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Usually subscribed through different packages with varying levels of features available, different HR software packages from different software providers will vary in price to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

The price of HR software may be determined by:

  • Number of employees (often calculated per employee per month)
  • Company size
  • Functionality required

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