Time and Attendance Integrations

Make paying your employees the correct amount easy with our time and attendance payroll software integrations.

Attendance Software Integrations

If you’ve got employees clocking in and out, shift workers needing to be paid for the time they’re there, or tracking overtime, managing the correct pay can be tricky. With Staffology Payroll, you can integrate with leading time and attendance providers to make paying your staff the correct amount, easy.

We integrate with key providers like Square, Deputy, WeWorked, and RotaCloud along with many others. And, we’re always adding new integrations, growing our capabilities regularly.

Mapping Time and Attendance to Staffology Payroll

You can either map your employees from your time and attendance platform, import them into Staffology, or do a combination of the two.

You’ll need to make sure that essential data like name, date of birth, and joining date are added to each employee. If not, you’ll be prompted to add them on import.

Software Vendor? Want to integrate a payroll solution? That’s just what we were designed for

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