Coding Notices

Automatically retrieve and apply Coding Notices from HMRC.
Including P6, P9, SL1, SL2, PGL1 and PGL2 notices.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re pretty keen on automating payroll. And we’re not going to let Coding Notices from HMRC get in the way of that.

When HMRC want you to change the tax code for an employee (P6, P9) or start or stop Student Loan (SL1, SL2) or Postgraduate Loan (PGL1, PGL2) deductions then they issue a notice which our system can automatically retrieve.

Auto Apply Notices

All of the notices we retrieve are available for you to view. If you’re feeling a bit old-fashioned then you can click a button and have the changes applied to the relevant employee.

Or you can just enable the option to automatically apply the notices and then do nothing. At the start of every payrun we look for applicable notices and apply them to your employees before working out their tax and loan deductions.


What about mid-year changes to tax codes and loan deductions?

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