Employee Self-Service HR Software

Reduce manual admin time with Staffology HR Software’s employee self-service portal.

Empower employees

Staffology HR’s self-service portal gives employees the tools they need to manage their HR needs.. It’s easy to use and gives employees the ability to get information, change their details, and request holiday without needing to ask someone else to do it for them.

Staffology HR’s self-service portal helps employees with:

  • A variety of options to help them with their day-to-day work
  • Day-to-day company overviews thanks to a clear dashboard
  • Getting leave booked quickly and self-certifying sickness
  • Collaboration and ownership of their job role


Up-to-date information, all in one place

Whether it’s your employee’s personal details or company policy changes, a self-service portal means that every employee, remote or in the office, sees the same information.

With self-service HR software, employees can update their personal information and details at the click of a button.

No more incorrect information!

Hassle-free onboarding

Onboarding, especially with remote or hybrid employees, can be a resource-intensive exercise.

To make it easy to onboard, you can load all of your company’s policies and handbooks into Staffology HR Software for new starters to work through, including onboarding checklists.

Staffology HR has:

  • An easy-to-edit company handbook
  • A read and accept function for individual documents
  • Virtual signature functionality for remote employees
  • Query functions for documents pending

Progression and training

There’s never an easy way to get every employee into one room and train them. Scheduling conflicts, people on holiday, or urgent client problems will invariably create problems.

Staffology HR makes training and progression easy to manage. Our Training module means you can:

  • Add courses for in-the-office, at-home, or hybrid workers
  • Set course attendance requirements based on an extensive list of exceptions
  • Include cost
  • Customise the description and trainer section with an HTML text editor
  • Set a deadline for online training to be completed by

Empower your employees with self-service HR

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per employee per month*

Keep track of all of your personnel records and documents, and easily track and report on absence. Integrates with payroll solutions.
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* Maximum 10 employees. Minimum spend of £6


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Foundation +
Our next package up gives you everything the Foundation package does, with the extra features that you need to take your HR management further.
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* Minimum spend of £12


per employee per month*

Essentials +
A powerful solution for larger companies looking for more sophisticated HR requirements to deal with growing demands.
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Professional +
Our flagship package that offers the best of everything. This offers a fully tailored HR system especially designed to your unique business processes.
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