Cloud HR Software for Small Businesses

Staffology HR’s cloud software helps small and medium sized businesses across the UK to manage employees, bringing together the heart and science of a happy, growing business.

You’re just a few clicks away from smiling employees.

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Manage HR without a hitch

Here at Staffology, we know that small businesses often have less time and resource to work with. That’s why our HR software has been designed to streamline human resource administration processes, saving you valuable time.

So, whether it’s cutting admin time or simplifying people management you’re after, give your employees something to smile about with Staffology HR

  •   Recruitment & onboarding
  •  Training & Personal development plans
  •  Rotas & timesheets
  •  Position Management
  •  Reporting
  •  Holidays, sickness & overtime
  •  GDPR compliant
  •  Set up & support services included

Reduce admin time

With effortless setup, no downtime for updates, and accessible from any device with internet access, you can free up precious time. 

Empower your employees

Cloud HR software provides employees improved autonomy. With easy access to benefits and time management features to name a few, employees feel in control.

Refine your HR process

With a user-friendly interface and easy to navigate platform, you can streamline HR administrative tasks without a hitch.

Nurture a positive workplace culture

Employee wellbeing is an increasing priority in any workplace, and good HR processes are paramount in ensuring you have the tools to nurture a good culture, from holidays to timesheets. 

Support scalability

As your business continues to grow and develop, so do its needs. We provide a scalable solution to futureproof your business, that adapts as you grow.

Enable full flexibility

Only pay for the features you really need, and when you need it. With four packages on offer, you can be sure to provide your employees with exactly the features they need. Nothing less.

Discover easy to use, stress-free HR software for your SME

  • Integrated HR and payroll
    Staffology delivers a solution that adapts to the unique needs of you and your business. That’s why we offer an integrated HR and payroll solution to effortlessly manage your employees across platforms.
  • No-obligation free trial or demo
    When you’re starting out, it can be challenging to know what exactly it is your business needs. That’s why we offer a choice of a free trial and no-obligation demo of our HR software, so you can be sure that we’re what you’re looking for before you commit.

Experience comprehensive HR software at an affordable price

Whether you’re a small or medium sized business, or somewhere in between, selecting the right HR software for your business is key. Only pay for the features you truly need with Staffology HR. 

Maximum 10 employees


per employee per month*

Keep track of all of your personnel records and documents, and easily track and report on absence. Integrates with payroll solutions.
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* Minimum spend of £6


per employee per month*

Foundation +
Our next package up gives you everything the Foundation package does, with the extra features that you need to take your HR management further.
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* Minimum spend of £12


per employee per month

Essentials +
A powerful solution for larger companies looking for more sophisticated HR requirements to deal with growing demands.


per employee per month

Professional +
Our flagship package that offers the best of everything. This offers a fully tailored HR system especially designed to your unique business processes.

Integrate your payroll solution with HR

Staffology HR software smoothly integrates with payroll solutions such as Staffology Payroll, for the ultimate ease of use, keeping all your important employee records in one place, saving valuable time and resource. 

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Your Staffology HR software questions, answered

What is cloud HR software?

Cloud HR software is like traditional HR software, just accessible via an internet browser on any device instead of downloading a program to your computer. With all the essential tools you need to manage HR administration, cloud HR software helps you streamline human resource processes. Staffology HR is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that you can pay monthly for, reducing the up-front costs associated with traditional HR software.

Why use cloud software over traditional HR software?

Cloud software enables you to pay a small monthly sum, whereas traditional HR software requires a much larger up-front sum. This provides great flexibility for start-ups or smaller businesses.

And whereas traditional software is needed to be installed across an entire network, and requires regular maintenance, cloud-based software runs automatic updates without a hitch and without downtime.

Cloud-based software provides increased flexibility and ease in the face of the challenges presented by the modern working world.

How do you know when your small business needs HR software?

A strong human resource department is vital for any business to function as it should and having strong HR software is key in supporting that. And for small to medium-sized businesses, it can be the difference between growing successfully or not.

If you’re at the very beginning of your journey, your business may only have a handful of employees, so you may be asking yourself “do I really need HR software just yet?”.

Your business may be small, but that doesn’t mean it always will be. As you continue to grow, your team will need the right infrastructure in place to support it. And, as HR software saves valuable time for your employees, your team can continue to learn and progress as your business does.

How much does cloud HR software cost?

Starting from £0.60 per employee per month (minimum spend of £6.00) through our Foundation package up to £6.00 per employee per month through our flagship HR package, Staffology provides solutions to suit your needs.

Who uses Staffology HR software?

Whether it’s HR managers, office managers or accountants, Staffology HR serves micro-sized businesses with fewer than 10 staff to medium sized organisations. From nursing homes to accountancy firms, our cloud HR software saves valuable time and allows for improved management no matter the industry you’re in. So, you can rely on Staffology HR to deliver effective HR management that’s right for you and your business’ circumstances.

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