Payroll Software for Accountants & Payroll Bureaux

Staffology’s intuitive cloud payroll software helps accountants and payroll bureaus automate repetitive, manual tasks, helping to process an efficient pay run. For professionals with payroll clients, Staffology’s payroll software is an effective solution.

Staffology’s HMRC-recognised payroll software supports businesses of all sizes, whether that’s 50 employees or 5000.

You can even try our demo with expert support, plus explore our depth of functionality, including:

  • Accounting integration
  • Payroll for CIS
  • Auto Enrolment
  • Pension Management

Staffology allows accountants to benefit from unlimited payroll practice with our free demo.

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Key Features of our Payroll Software for Accountants

We understand that payroll professionals need a flexible, efficient solution to help their clients fully benefit from a payroll service that adapts to their business.

Staffology’s payroll software simplifies what can feel like a complicated process, allowing users to access a feature-rich platform covering all areas of payroll. Driving efficiencies and reducing errors and admin means you free up time to nurture your payroll clients.


More flexible than traditional payroll systems, Staffology is a cloud-based payroll platform available to businesses in the UK. This means that you can manage payroll from anywhere, at any time – and from any device. We don’t even require an app, so you can benefit from knowing your data is secure and accessible when you need it.

No matter how large your business, you can scale cloud payroll to work to your situation.

Auto Pilot

Accountants and payroll bureaus can reduce the time and costs associated with routine tasks by using our Auto-Pilot feature.

If resources are limited, payroll automation can help reduce time spent on manual or repetitive tasks so that your clients become the focus.

Commonly payroll can feel “static”, but with our Auto-Pilot feature, you can reinvest your focus in the right business areas.

Accounting Integration

Staffology’s payroll software plugs into the likes of Xero, QuickBooks, Sage One, and many more accounting platforms to help streamline your experience.

Our accounting integration feature removes any manual burden, so you can easily communicate between different apps. To keep things simple Staffology payroll software connects to a host of other applications, like accounting software, within a few easy steps.

Brand Your Own Payroll

You can make our software look and feel like your own. Transform our platform with your branding, including your company name and logo, colours and even more.

Enhance brand loyalty and let clients have visibility of a payroll portal that represents your business.

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Control Costs

Staffology only charges based on the number of payslips created every month. This cost reduces every time more employees are added into a pay run, making Staffology both cost-effective and scalable.

No matter how many payroll clients you manage, you can have greater control over costs by running all payroll under one account. This means that you get the best discount, because we only charge you for the total number of payslips

Manage Expenses & Benefits

Staffology payroll software allows accountants to manage and supervise more than just payments, but benefits, compensation, and other employee-related expenses. It covers a range of reportable expenses, including P11Ds, which you can submit to HMRC at the end of the year.

Comprehensive reporting covers the basic statutory reports such as P30 or P32. We can provide further insights where it matters most, including pension management or support for tax codes and rates in Wales and Scotland.

Compliant, No-stress Payroll

Staffology is designed to automate compliance, helping you stay ahead of changing legislation.

Staffology is fully HMRC-recognised and RTI (Real-Time Information) compliant.

  • Every time you pay one or more employees, we create an FPS (Full Payment Submission), ensuring the archiving of communications with HMRC for your records.
  • You can even verify CIS contractors with a single click, submit P11Ds, and make adjustments throughout the year.

Efficient Payments

Accountants can process payroll weekly, monthly or depending on the preferred pay frequency.

You can even run and manage multiple payment schedules at the same time. You can adjust payments, deductions, or additions anytime as your payroll progresses.

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