Pricing is based on the number of payslips created each month.
The cost per additional payslip reduces as you add more employees, making this a cost efficient solution for large or small businesses.

Pricing Bands

The cost per additional payslip reduces as you add more

First 20 payslips: 99p each
21 to 50: 85p each
51 to 100: 65p each
101 to 200: 50p each
201 to 500: 30p each
501 to 1000: 20p each
1001 to 2000: 15p each
2001 to 3000: 10p each
3001+: 5p each


Enter a number of payslips to calculate the monthly cost

Cost of 5 payslips: £4.95 / month

The Small Print

Cost per Payslip

The cost is based on the total number of payslips generated per month. So a company running a weekly payment schedule would pay more than one running on a monthly basis.

Multiple Employers

You can manage multiple employers with a single account. Pricing is based on the combined total of payslips to ensure you're getting the full discount. So if you had five employers with eight payslips each per month each then the total cost would be £36.80/month

Billing Cycle & Payment

Billing takes place on the first of the month for costs incurred in the previous month.
Payment is taken automatically by Direct Debit.

All prices are subject to VAT

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