Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Unlike old-world payroll, Staffology is simple to scale, easy to use, and designed for self-starters. Manage pay, tax, expenses and more all in one place. When it’s this intuitive, you don’t have to be an expert to master payroll.

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Staffology Supports SMEs

Do you ever feel like payroll is slowing you down? You may be passionate about your business’ growth, but the time it takes to do payroll by yourself can take its toll. That’s where our payroll software for small and growing businesses helps. Paying employees, calculating tax deductions, managing pensions, and more – give us the hard work to do.

Learn what Staffology payroll software can do for your small business today.

What Our Small Business Payroll Software Includes

Whether you are planning to enrol 50 employees or five employees, Staffology’s complete cloud-based payroll software can support your business growth. Our clients want intuitive payroll that simplifies how easy it is to pay employees.

  • Pensions & Auto-Enrolment
  • Expenses & Benefits (P11D)
  • Payroll Automation
  • Accounting Integration
  • Comprehensive REST API
  • HMRC Recognized (RTI & RIS)

How Payroll Software Helps Your Business Grow

Ever wondered if you can do it all by yourself? Payroll software helps simplify the role of accounting for your business. Our cloud payroll software makes it much easier to pay employees on time and accurately.

Staffology can also help manage other aspects of your payroll, ensuring your business is compliant and ready for Making Tax Digital (MTD) changes from April 2022 onwards.

Our feature-rich payroll software can significantly help your business grow uninterrupted – from only 5p per payslip.

Payroll Automation

Cloud payroll means you have to do little more than input the basics to get started and scale-up. Our SME payroll software automates the more difficult parts, including complex calculations, so you’re free to run your business.


Although this isn’t our first-time innovating payroll – our experts are credited with introducing the UK to a complete cloud payroll solution.

HMRC-recognised payroll software

Don’t let non-compliance hold you back.

Did you know that human errors and out-of-date information can result in a costly penalty? Our software is HMRC-recognised, helping you to get it right every time.

Benefits of Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Staffology’s payroll software is accurate, secure, compliant, and can keep up to date with changing legislation. You benefit from a more cost-effective, efficient payroll solution designed to take care of admin so you can get back to business.

But there’s so much more payroll software can do for your small business:

Ensure Compliance

You won’t have to consult a tax specialist or seek expert financial advice about upcoming legislation. Staffology’s payroll software is compliant by design, meaning we use the latest payroll legislation by default.

Get Back More Time

Time is your most precious resource, and you can rely on our payroll software to efficiently streamline your payroll processing. This includes helpful automation, where our software can cut through the admin, so you don’t have to.

Keep Costs Down

Paying to outsource payroll is a costly option that many small businesses can’t afford. Instead, payroll software unlocks cost efficiencies, helping you make the most of every pound.

What Is Payroll Worth to Your Business?

You don’t have to know how to run payroll to use Staffology – the design of our software helps you learn on the go. You can manage sick pay, expense, holiday, maternity leave, and tax deductions in one place, at any time, from anywhere.

Staffology’s software is the do-it-yourself option for businesses who want payroll at a price that’s worth paying.

Why Choose Staffology’s SME Payroll Software Over Others?

Don’t just take our word for it. We asked our clients what they think of using Staffology’s payroll software for their business – from celebrating its simplicity to saving time; this is what they said:

  • A modern, intuitive design

    “Most payroll software is clunky, Staffology is a joy to use and it’s easy to find my way around. Which saves time, frustration, and helps avoid mistakes.”

  • Automation that saves you time

    “The level of automation is second-to-none. It saves me considerable time, which I can use elsewhere in the business.”

  • Affordable costs that work for your business

    “The more we use it, the cheaper it gets. And it’s nice that you don’t charge extra for additional features like auto-enrolment and benefits.”

  • Support that actually listens

    “The response to questions has always been helpful and super-fast.”

Payroll Software for Small Businesses – FAQs

Will my data be secure?

Yes, Staffology payroll software has data security built-in as standard. By running payroll software, you could be limiting risks with reassurances that modern payroll services will safeguard your most valuable data.

How much does it cost to run small business payroll software?

Staffology’s payroll software is priced based on the number of payslips you generate every month. But the more employees you pay, the cheaper every payslip gets. This means that businesses of all sizes can run payroll cost-effectively.

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What is a cloud-based payroll software solution?

Cloud-based payroll software allows businesses to operate and control everything with any device and an internet connection.

Do I need an accountant if I use your payroll software?

It’s entirely possible to do payroll yourself without seeking expert advice from an accountant. Payroll software is a do-it-yourself option for those who may have never run payroll before but need a cost-effective solution.

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