Integrated Payroll Software for NetSuite

Manage contractor and subcontractor details with secure, cloud-based software that’s integrated with NetSuite. Enjoy the freedom of payroll runs like you’ve never seen before with Staffology. Plus, it’s HMRC-recognised and RTI-compliant

Integrated with NetSuite: Streamline your CIS process with Staffology Payroll

Enhance the power of NetSuite with Staffology Payroll, an approved “Built for NetSuite” solution designed to drive efficiencies in HR and payroll processes. You’ll be able to manage contractor and sub-contractor details with ease. Our software also ensures compliance with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and is HMRC-recognised, meaning you’ve got everything you could possibly need from your payroll in one place.

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Simplify CIS compliance with compatible payroll software for NetSuite

Construction firms must manage and handle contractor information accurately to avoid disputes and remain compliant. At Staffology, our payroll software takes care of it all for you thanks to its easy integration with NetSuite’s platform.

Our accreditation with them means you can seamlessly run your payroll each month. Together, we make CIS compliance easy.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Integrated people management: Staffology Payroll for NetSuite enables you to unlock the power of people management, giving you the flexibility and freedom to handle subcontractor payments.
  • Comprehensive functionality: From verification to monthly statements and everything in between, we’ve got you covered for CIS payroll.
  • Compatible software integration: Use a secure and modern cloud-based system that enables compliance and keeps your data safe.
  • Payroll automation: Eliminate the cost and time associated with routine tasks using our automation features.
  • Accurate and compliant: Stay ahead of changing payroll and CIS legislation with our HMRC-recognised and RTI-compliant software.
  • Manage your data from anywhere: As long as you have a secure network connection, you can always access relevant CIS and subcontractor data.
  • Increased visibility: Gain quick access to key information such as monthly payroll costs, subcontractor records, and verification status.
  • Insightful reports: Analyse your data with ease by generating key reports. Quickly download CIS300 reports in CSV or PDF format.
  • Stable and secure: Rest assured knowing our software is built on the latest technology, Microsoft Azure, providing stability and security.
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Payroll automation for CIS

Discover our automated features that seamlessly integrate alongside NetSuite’s business management platform. Drive efficiencies during the CIS process and save your team valuable time.

Automate CIS verifications

Staffology Payroll automatically sends CIS Verification requests to HMRC, and updates records upon receiving responses.

Simplify VAT management

Easily manage subcontractors’ VAT registration status and let Staffology Payroll calculate the VAT amount to be paid.

Streamline CIS300 reporting

Our software automatically generates and updates the CIS300 throughout the month. With a single click, submit the CIS300 to HMRC at the end of the month.

Automate statements

Stay compliant by automatically providing statements to subcontractors within 14 days of each tax month’s end. Staffology Payroll can even automatically email the required statements, eliminating manual work.

What can you achieve with CIS payroll software?

With compliant payroll software, your CIS process will become much easier to track. You’re also guaranteed a software solution that keeps up to date with changing legislation.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy:

  • Accurate payroll processes that minimise disputes: Most disputes occur because pay hasn’t been received on time or is inaccurate. Our software removes these errors, ensuring your contractors and subcontractors are paid on time.
  • Automated process that drives efficiencies: Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome automation. You’ll enjoy more time focusing on the important tasks and less time spent on administrative ones.
  • Accurate reporting that’s easy to access: Another benefit of our software is that you’ll be able to accurately report on contractor and subcontractor data, enabling you to see total and forecast expenditures.
  • Enhanced awareness around CIS: We offer you compliant software that supports you every step of the way. Your organisation will continue to remain compliant with end-of-month reporting to HMRC.
  • Increased accountability around pay that keeps your staff happy: Staffology Payroll keeps you accountable, meaning your staff are paid in full and on time, no matter if you pay weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Secure data storage that keeps your information safe: As well as a compliant solution, you can rest assured that your data and reports are securely stored on the cloud. You’ll also be able to access files from a secure internet connection.
  • Software that scales with your business: If growth is forecast, your payroll software should grow with you. No matter how many contractors and subcontractors you take on, our payroll solution can account for this.

A Secure, automated, and scalable CIS payroll solution built for NetSuite

Integrate Staffology with NetSuite and unlock the power of integrated people management. Our accreditation through NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Developer Network programme allows UK customers to run payroll via Staffology directly from the NetSuite platform. Streamline and automate your HR and payroll processes, giving you the freedom to focus on strategic activities such as business growth and improving customer experience.

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Why choose Staffology Payroll?

Staffology Payroll caters to businesses of all sizes across various sectors in the UK. No matter your size, our CIS functionality empowers you to effectively manage subcontractors. Staffology Payroll is the reliable payroll solution you need.

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