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Produce, file and organise your P11D reports with Staffology’s cloud-based P11D software.

Compatible with P11D reporting, our P11D software makes it easy for you to digitally report employee benefits directly to HMRC.

Produce. File. Organise.

Being able to produce, file and organise your P11D benefit reports all in one place is a key reason people are turning to cloud-based solutions. Accuracy in P11D reporting is imperative, as well as having records organised neatly for year-end reporting.

Through simplifying what you have to input and when, as well as automatically producing a P11D that contains the information needed for the employee/HMRC, Staffology can do all this and more.

What is a P11D for?

A P11D form allows you to report all and any taxable expenses or benefits paid to employees, including mileage and car payments, relocation expenses and more.

Traditionally done on paper or on legacy computer systems, you are legally required to file P11Ds with HMRC by 6th July or face heavy penalties.

When do I submit a P11D form?

P11D forms are submitted if you don’t pay tax on employee benefits through payroll. Most tax and expenses can be done through PAYE, but for those additional benefits or those outside of payroll, you’ll need to submit a P11D per employee.

Why use a cloud-based software for P11D?

Unlike traditional software, you don’t need to purchase new licences or versions each year. With cloud-based software, updates are released automatically, meaning that your costs are lower, and efficiencies are higher. You’ll no longer need to port data over each year, instead all your reports are easily accessible, sorted by tax year and employee name.

Using cloud based P11D software also allows you to:

  • Maintain records for the three-year required period by HMRC without the need for a paper trail
  • Quickly create copies for employees who have lost their original or need versions from prior years for tax returns
  • Make P11D(b) reporting easy
  • Easily calculate Class 1A National Insurance payments
  • Reduce the risk of error through identification and automated processing
  • Speed up manual processes, saving time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks

Why Staffology is your perfect P11D partner

Our cloud-based payroll software has P11D reporting built-in as default, so there’s no additional cost to run P11D reports. And, with our seamless functionality, year end updates and reporting for P11D are handled automatically with the click of a button, saving you hours of processing.

Reduce Costs

Compared to other softwares who require a yearly fee just for P11D reporting, Staffology’s entire payroll suite starts from just £10 a month, with no extra costs for additional functionality

Fully Connected Payrol

Our payroll software is fully connected with other popular business softwares, so benefits logged in HR software can easily be reflected in your payroll.

Extensive Reporting

As well as your P11D and other statutory reports, Staffology provides detailed analysis of your payrolls and a huge variety of different payroll related information

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