Payroll for Off-Payroll Workers

Our software fully supports paying workers under the new IR35 Off-Payroll rules.

Our Cloud Payroll Software supports the whole journey of managing and paying Off-Payroll Workers. From creating the worker record, calculating the net payment and reporting to HMRC via RTI, we’ve got you covered.


You add workers using our Add Employee Wizard.

For the Employee Type you choose “Off Payroll Worker”.

We’ll then set all of the relevant fields to make the rest of the process easy.

As Off-Payroll Wworkers don’t have pensions, benefits or statutory leave then when you view his employee record you’ll find those sections have been automatically hidden to further streamline your experience.


The software keeps and eye on what you enter and looks for common mistakes.

If you try and do something wrong like apply a Student Loan to an Off Payroll Worker then the system will let you know and help you correct it.


Tax and National Insurance Deductions

You enter the gross amount to pay the worker – which you can either do manually via our user interface, in bulk using CSV uploads, via our API or by using an integrated third-party system.

The system instantly calculates the appropriate deductions.

RTI Submission to HMRC

When you’re ready to finalise a payrun we will distribute payslips and prepare an FPS (Full Payment Submission) for HMRC and produce a BACS file for you to make payments.

The FPS can be automatically sent so you never have to worry about missing out this important legal duty.

And so much more! This page only touches the surface of the features we have in the software to make running payroll as easy and as automated as possible. If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.

HMRC Recognised for RTI Filing | Vendor ID 7798

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