Payroll for CIS

Full support for managing and paying Subcontractors under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) regime.

Our Cloud Payroll Software supports the whole journey of managing and paying CIS Subcontractors. From verification to monthly statements and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


If you’ve already verified your subcontractors, you can manually enter the details. Alternatively we can automatically send a CIS Verification request to HMRC and we’ll update the record once a response is received.

The index page listing all of your subcontractors will bring your attention to anyone that hasn’t yet been verified. We’ll apply the higher rate of deduction until they have been verified.

Payment, Deductions and VAT

You can pay subcontractors using any payment frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Simply add the amount they need to be paid, along with any payment for materials and we’ll automatically calculate the relevant CIS deduction.

We even help you manage VAT. Just indicate that the subcontractor is VAT registered and we’ll work out how much of the payment to them is for VAT. You can override the auto-calculated amount if you need to.

CIS 300

We automatically create a CIS300 and update it throughout the month with the relevant figures. At the end of the month a single click submits it to HMRC.

You can also download the CIS300 to either a CSV file or a PDF.

HMRC Recognised for RTI Filing | Vendor ID 7798

Payments and Deductions

You are legally required to provide a statement to every subcontractor you make a deduction from. You have to do this within 14 days of the end of each tax month.

With our software you can completely forget about it. We can automatically email the required statement to your subcontractors at the end of each month.

Manage Contractors with our Payroll API

As with all of the features in our software, you can manage your CIS Subcontractors, Verifications and CIS300 Returns via the Payroll API.

View the User Guide pages for CIS Payroll.

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