Octopus HR is Now Staffology HR

Staffology HR is proud to announce that it’s the new home of Octopus HR.

If you’re wondering about how this will affect your account, don’t worry – you can still make the most of your HR features and more here. Simply log in using your Octopus HR details as usual.

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  •   Recruitment & onboarding
  •  Training & Personal development plans
  •  Rotas & timesheets
  •  Position Management
  •  Reporting
  •  Holidays, sickness & overtime
  •  GDPR compliant
  •  Set up & support services included

Take advantage of Staffology HR

Staffology HR is the UK’s go-to platform for enhancing people management and motivation goals within your organisation.

We help you achieve this by tailoring our HR software to your meet your business needs.

Everything HR under one roof

Our HR software combines all of your core HR obligations in one easy-to-manage place, whether that’s employee compensation and benefits, or timesheets and wider reporting.

Manage a workplace ecosystem in a few clicks

An intuitive communication dashboard means managers can create alerts, get information, and connect with their wider workplace, including employees. This means more meaningful interaction in fewer clicks.

Agile HR for a new generation of remote managers

Available from your web browser 24/7, you can take Staffology HR with you on the go. This means, if you’re working remotely, you can avoid disruptions to your workforce management.

Why choose Staffology HR?

We’ve combined the heart and science of a happy business with our cloud-based HR software. Empower your employees with our HR software, that, amongst others, benefits your business by:

  • Having better connected employees who are engaged and rewarded as well as better informed
  • Providing business goals that are clear, achievable and reportable
  • Saving time through automated administration features
  • Reducing errors with clever problem identification and feedback loops

Introducing you to Staffology HR

Unlock the most from your culture, workplace, and employees, making your business and its people happier with Staffology’s cloud-based HR solution.

Discover more about our HR software today, including plans and app integrations.

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