Timesheets Software

Ditch your old, time-consuming ways of working, and move to a smarter way of managing timesheets.

Timesheet software makes it simple for your employees to record their hours worked along with any overtime, streamlining the submission and approval process.

A smarter way to manage employee timesheets

Recording and submitting working hours has never been simpler than with Staffology HR’s Timesheets Module.

The smooth processes are all completed online through a timesheet portal, so there’s no need to print timesheets and fill them out by hand, freeing up your valuable time and resources. A reporting function has also been built into the electronic timesheet software, enabling you to highlight and analyse areas such as submission history, hours worked, and overtime completed.

Streamline your timesheets

By utilising automation, timesheets are automatically submitted accurately via e-mail to the approver to review in a quick and easy format.

  • Eliminate the headache of receiving and ensuring timesheets are correct
  • Save time with automation that completely removes the need for human intervention
  • Set rules such as salary multipliers for different types of working hours such as overtime and weekends

Tailored to your business

The employee timesheet software offers a range of customisation options, allowing you to input who the work was done for, how many hours were worked and if any breaks were taken.

  • The easy-to-use timesheet module is customisable to your needs, providing a pickup and go approach
  • Alter processes within the module to meet your ever-changing needs, enabling the timesheet software to grow alongside your business

Simple reporting

The built-in reporting functionality allows you to run reports on the information provided within timesheets, such as hours worked and the number of staff completing overtime.

  • Undertake strategic business decisions based on data
  • Delve into the collected data to analyse work patterns and areas that require frequent overtime

Four Advantages of Timesheet Software

Quickly input data

The software has been designed around employees, ensuring they can quickly input their hours without distracting from their day-to-day.

Speed up approvals

Once completed, employees can click submit to send their timesheets electronically to the relevant person for approval which is configurable, and a multi-level approval process can also be put in place.

Ensure information is never lost

The electronic timesheet software replaces old ways of working such as paper documents which are less secure and risk information being lost or damaged.

Log in anywhere, anytime

Put flexibility first, enabling employees to log in from anywhere, at anytime to complete their timesheets, whether they’re working from home, in the office or commuting.

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