Rota Management Software

Give your employees more freedom when managing their shifts with our rota management module. This clever rota software is an all-in-one platform where you can easily create and edit rotas, informing staff of any shift changes or updates.

A quick and easy way to manage your employees’ rotas

Our staff management software is the smarter way to manage your employee rota, providing greater flexibility and visibility when preparing for upcoming shift patterns, offering weekly and hourly views.

Additionally, your people can access the rota software outside of work like a staff rota app. As the software is cloud-based it means your staff members can always check when their next shift is, even if there’s a late change to the schedule.

Save time and reduce admin

The rota software features a user-friendly interface that is highly intuitive and allows you to create bespoke rotas within minutes.

  • Offer a centralised digital location in which your workforce can access all their rotas
  • Don’t get bogged down with time-consuming processes – instead, quickly create new and edit existing rotas in just a few clicks
  • The easy-to-use rota management system means any employee can effortlessly check their rotas regardless of their digital competency

Empower your people

Using the self-service functionality, employees can log in to the system and check their rota whenever they want, rather than reaching out to their manager.

  • Provide custom access levels, so employees can only see what you want them to
  • Employees and managers can access all the information they need in an instant
  • Allow users to view the rotas for a single location or entire region

Improve your visibility

Receive notifications when creating rotas to see who is on holiday or absent so you can always ensure the rota is filled.

  • See who is working each day and quickly locate shifts that need filling, ensuring you’re never understaffed
  • Review rotas at a granular level and make changes in just a few clicks

Four Advantages of Rota Software

Centralised location

The staff rota software acts as a centralised area where managers can log in to create and edit rotas they’ve made and then assign shifts, so employees always know when they’re working.

Notify employees of any changes

Managers can make changes to the rota at any time, and a notification will be sent to staff informing them of these changes, which means late shift alterations can be managed more efficiently.

A clear view of rotas

See a crystal-clear image of your rotas, ensuring the right amount of staff have been delegated to eliminate the risk of having a day where the rota isn’t filled.

Secure and risk-free

Feel reassured that the information is held safely online, so there is never a risk that your rotas or data will be lost and you can ensure that you’re always compliant with GDPR.

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