HR Performance Management

Our employee performance management module is a smarter HR solution for small-and-medium-sized businesses looking to locate and resolve skill gaps in their workforce.

The software provides you with the tools to easily create PDPs (Personal Development Plans) that can help boost the engagement and productivity of your employees.

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Boost your employees’ engagement, effectively support their learning and development, and reduce your workload.
The performance management system provides an end to the seemingly endless HR admin tasks, streamlining the process of creating tailored Personal Development Plans and completing staff appraisals.

Managers can also use the software to give staff more personal and detailed objectives which helps them understand how their work impacts the wider business, ensuring a motivated and productive workforce.

Putting the power in your hands

This HR performance management system is a fully flexible solution that can be customised to meet the exact needs of your business.

  • The software grows with you, providing the option to be altered and tweaked alongside business growth
  • No matter how complex your needs may be, the system can be tailored to meet your requirements

Optimise employee development

Create a structured framework and follow-up alerts to ensure the required actions are taken to support employees with their learning and development.

  • Enable managers to set competencies and targets for their team
  • Store employee development objectives directly on their profiles so that they can be referred to at any time
  • Send employees notifications and reminders to help keep them on track

Analyse employee performance

The employee performance management system can take self-assessment information inputted by users and display it in a visual manner to help with performance conversations.

  • Offer one centralised location for everything relating to employee performance
  • Provide employees with a simple-to-use, cloud-based software in which they can complete assessments
  • Help managers to easily assess data that can be used in their meetings

Four Benefits of Employee Development Software

Boost employee engagement

Improve your employee engagement by providing detailed and personal objectives based on their job roles. These goals can also be linked to how they’ll impact the business, making your workforce feel more involved in the overall success.

Promote employee and manager catch-ups

Encourage managers to catch up regularly using our handy reminders and customise the frequency to suit their needs, be that monthly, quarterly or annually.

Easily create development plans

Ditch the time-consuming admin associated with managing performance and use the software to easily create Personal Development Plans for employees, showing them what they need to do to advance in their careers.

Everything in one place

Our Performance Management Module provides one convenient, cloud-based location to oversee and support talent management, saving time for both managers and employees.

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