Payroll Features

Just because it's easy-to-use, doesn't mean it's basic. We've included all of the features you would expect to find in a mature payroll product.
Listed here are a few of the features you'll find.

Payroll Automation

Eliminate the cost and time associated with routine tasks by using our unique Auto Pilot feature.

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Powerful, Comprehensive API

We believe our API is the most comprehensive in the industry. Integrate and automate your payroll.

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Painless Year End

End your tax year and start your new one in just a couple of clicks. Or even just a single call to the Payroll API.

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Software Vendor?
Want to integrate a payroll solution?
That's just what we were designed for.

Auto Enrolment Assessments

We continuously monitor the status of your employees and let you know if your auto enrolment responsibilities change.

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CIS Supported

Full support for paying Subcontractors under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

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Accounting Entries

Map payroll lines to nominal codes to make your accounting a breeze.

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Minimum Wage

Automatically update hourly rates every year and when an employees' age changes.

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Scottish and Welsh Payroll

The software includes support for Scottish and Welsh payroll tax codes and rates.

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Customisable Payslips

Get PDF Payslips looking just how you want them to

Pension Management

Manage multiple pensions schemes, supporting Relief At Source, Salary Sacrifice and Net Pay arrangements.