The heart and science of a happy practice

Accountancy practices face a plethora of challenges from managing their employee data, coordinating staff absences and reducing office administration.

Staffology HR is the ideal solution to ease their admin burden, simplify their processes and build a foundation to drive their business forward.

Set up your system

Staffology HR software brings together the heart and science of a happy business to help you grow and maintain a positive culture while achieving your business goals.

Consolidate Employee Data

Bring all employee records into one central location available from anywhere at anytime.

Absence Management

Requesting, approving and tracking holidays becomes easy with the mobile app.


Reduce the burden of office admin and allow staff to update and maintain their records – no more chasing.

Streamline processes and save time and money

With effortless installation, no maintenance, automatic updates, and access from anywhere with an internet connection, Staffology HR saves you valuable time and money. This means your practice can spend more time focusing on its bigger goals.

So go on, try Staffology HR and give your employees something to smile about.
Set up your system

Office admin

  • Allow staff to update and maintain their records with self-service – no more chasing!
  • Requesting, approving and tracking holidays becomes easy with the mobile app
  • Ensure coverage during the busy season


  • Staffology provides the tools to simplify your recruitment process
  • Ensure applicant evaluation, tracking and candidate engagement is simpler and more effective
  • Simplify the onboarding process and easily transition from candidate to new hire to established employee

Performance management

  • Easily create personal development plans that boost engagement and productivity of employees
  • Build high performing, resilient and flexible teams where all tasks can be undertaken by most team members eliminating bottlenecks at busy times
  • One centralised location for everything relating to employee performance – managers can easily assess data that can be used in their meetings

Training and retention

  • Quickly set CPD training plans for individuals, groups or whole teams ensuring everyone maintains their CPD status
  • Monitor progress of employees through their training plan
  • Build employee engagement programs and keep employees involved with their progress towards rewards

Employment law compliance

  • Easily create practice wide policies and ensure staff have read and agree to them
  • Personal and contract records – keep track of all the information on your team with ease
  • Employment document management – ensure compliance by managing the essential paperwork

Increased team utilisation rates

  • Increase staff utilisation rates by simplifying back-office processes and the associated admin time
  • Comprehensive reporting providing partners greater business insights for better decision making
  • Quickly ensure staff are suitably matched to clients to maximise profitability
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