White Label Payroll Software

Make our software your software.
Your branding, your users, your data, your sales growth.

It’s why we exist

Staffology was born due to a number of existing software vendors needing to be able to offer payroll software to their customers, but not having the resources or inclination to build and maintain it themselves.


Fully Branded

The software we’ve built gives you the ability to fully brand the software with your own name, logo, colours and more.

Feature Rich

Our software is comprehensive, covering every aspect of payroll that you’d expect from a mature product. View some of our Payroll Features.

Single Sign-on

Using OAuth, your users can seamlessly switch from your software to ours. No messing around with different usernames and passwords.

Industry Experience

Built by the same team that built the multi-award winning KashFlow, the first UK SaaS accounting software company, back in 2004. Learn more.

Two-way Data Communication

Account Provisioning via our API means you can get your users up and running with no manual intervention.

Once they start using the software you can then pull data back in to your own systems.

Whether you need payroll total values or you want to keep employee data synchronised – our powerful Payroll API is up to the job.

Because our application uses our own API, there’s nothing the software can do that you can’t do via the API.

Give your employees something to smile about

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